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              Firbank Grammar新音樂學校,墨爾本

              作者: 來源:gooood 日期:2021/7/9 23:22:11 點擊:173 屬于:行業新聞

              版權©?谷德設計網gooood,歡迎轉發,禁止以gooood編輯版本進行任何形式轉載 Copyright © gooood

              建筑為優化教學聲環境而建,教室內產生的聲音會向外傳播,因此每一面墻都經過安置、固定和細節處理,對聲音進行攔截、反射和處理,從而形成愉快而有效的練習或表演體驗。該項目使學校蓬勃發展的音樂課程得以拓展,是一座當之無愧的音樂建筑。項目包括翻新學校的基礎建筑Firbank House”以及新建一座用來排練、教學和表演的視聽設施。該建筑結合了用于隔音的大體積砌體結構和復雜的內層設計,在保持空間靈活性、功能性和啟發性的同時,保證學習和表演的聲音清晰度。

              This is a building constructed around acoustic environments optimised for learning. The architecture emanates from the production of sound outwards. Every wall is placed, anchored and detailed to intercept, reflect and treat sound for the most enjoyable and effective experience of practice or performance. The Firbank Grammar New Music Schoolproject enables the expansion of the schools flourishing music program and is an unmistakably musical building. Works comprise the refurbishment of Firbank House, the schools foundational building and the addition of a new acoustically tuned facility for rehearsal, tuition and performance. The architecture combines high-mass masonry construction for acoustic isolation with complex interior linings engineered to produce excellent clarity of sound for learning and performance whilst maintaining spaces that are flexible, functional and inspiring.

              ▼項目外觀,external view © Javier Márquez



              The exterior of the building is wrapped on three elevations by a screen that is perforated to represent the schools song, both figuratively and in codified graphic notation. Details reference different historical forms of music notation throughout the building, with music on show from inside and out through plentiful glazing and of course the sounds of voice, acoustic and amplified instruments.

              ▼立面覆有穿孔板,perforated panels on the facade © Javier Márquez


              ▼磚石砌體結構,masonry structure © Javier Márquez


              ▼穿孔板細部,details of the perforated panel © Javier Márquez



              The program consists of a large rehearsal room for a full orchestra, tuition rooms of various sizes, administrative spaces and generous circulation spaces that accommodate both social gathering and the manoeuvring of musical equipment. Glazed gasketssensitively connect the new-build to the Victorian era Firbank House and landscaping ties the new development into the existing campus with areas provided for play and socialising. The schools brief favoured an atmosphere of aural connection over hermetically sealed practice rooms and natural light over complete isolation from the sounds of the campus outside. This encouraged an exploration of the play of light and shadows on the complex acoustic panelling used to create accurate reproductions of the tone of each instrument. The approach to this panelling differs depending on its specific acoustic function; the verticality of the reverberant choir room is accentuated by tall, thin panels, while the slightly drier orchestra rehearsal room is cocooned in twisting perforated plywood. Each space integrates teaching infrastructure such as A.V., writeable notation boards and mirrors in a way that suits the scale of ensemble or type of teaching while also considering the acoustic impacts of these everyday elements.

              ▼大型管弦樂隊排練室,large rehearsal room for a full orchestra © Javier Márquez


              ▼彎折的穿孔膠合板,twisting perforated plywood © Javier Márquez


              ▼高挑的合唱室,tall choir room © Javier Márquez


              ▼教學設施,teaching infrastructure © Javier Márquez


              ▼寬敞的走廊,spacious corridor © Javier Márquez


              百年歷史的Firbank House被賦予一種輕盈感,其比例和材料通過吸聲板產生令人愉悅的聲學效果,與學校的過去保持聯系。由花紋膠合板制成的樂器儲物柜排列在新門廳的墻壁上,歡迎外來訪客前來觀看表演。這里的環境如音樂廳般優雅,傳遞出音樂是有價值的理念,為年輕音樂家提供的空間不僅精致到足以培養優秀的音樂才能,而且具有鼓舞人心的氛圍,并且舒適到可以增進練習時長,最終見證學生們成為澳大利亞下一代的表演者。

              A light touch is given to the century old Firbank House, whose proportions and materiality are made acoustically pleasing with absorptive wall panelling integrated to maintain connections to the schools past. Musical instrument lockers made from spotted gum plywood line the walls of the new foyer, which welcome outside visitors to performances. Providing a refined environment akin to a concert hall communicates a message that music is valued, that the spaces provided to young musicians here are not only precise enough to cultivate excellent musicianship, but inspiring in their atmosphere and comfortable enough to encourage the hours of practice that will see students go on to become the next generation of Australian performers.

              ▼由花紋膠合板制成的儲物柜,lockers made from spotted gum plywood © Javier Márquez


              ▼一層平面圖,ground floor plan © Cox Architecture



              ▼二層平面圖,level 1 floor plan © Cox Architecture




              ▼立面圖,elevations © Cox Architecture



              ▼剖面圖,sections © Cox Architecture